Orange County Divorce and Family Law Attorney

The Wallin Family Law Group is a law firm in Orange County, California. The Firm exclusively represents husbands, wives, and families across Southern California who are experiencing a wide range of family law issues such as divorce, child custody/visitation, child and spousal support, and domestic violence. Contact Mr. Wallin today for a free consultation.

Divorce is often the most stressful and emotional experiences a person will face in their lifetime.  Child custody is often the most important issue facing an individual as they make the decision to divorce or are served with divorce papers.  Mr. Wallin provides a unique approach and philosophy to these family law issues to help the individual rise up during this trying time and become better in all aspects of life.  His infectious optimism, extensive resources, and network of experts will ensure you receive the best legal counsel, the most rigorous defense, and sound judgment in your time of need.

Lawyer Philosophy:

  • We only practice family lawIt’s our one and only focus.
  • We believe in fighting zealously for our clients.   We will zealously advocate for you.
  • You deserve compassion.  Mr. Wallin will provide you with compassionate, sound legal counsel and will fight tooth and nail for you when necessary.
  • Your future will be bright and happy.  As dark as today may seem, happiness is ahead of you and my passion is to help you find it.
  • The challenges you are facing now are serving an important purpose: they are helping you hone and develop capabilities you will need throughout your life.

Attorney Services – Free Consultation

If you’ve been served with divorce papers, have been threatened with divorce, want to initiate divorce proceedings, or have other family law issues don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

Although we are located in Orange County, we represent families throughout Southern California.

Zach 5Family Law – Our Solitary Focus:

We focus all of our attention on one area of law so that you can rest assured that your family law matter is in the right hands. If you have a family law issue you don’t want to hire an attorney who takes everything that walks in the door – you want to hire someone who dedicates all their efforts to family law. Zach Wallin exclusively practices in the following areas:

Our Network of Experts – Resources you can Trust

Mr. Wallin knows that when you are going through a divorce it is often a time where you are in need of experts from various professonial disciplines.   Mr. Wallin has developed an extensive network of experts who will assist you to get the best legal representation possible and experts who will take care of all your personal needs.

Mr. Wallin has developed a network which includes forensic accountants, appraisers, realtors and loan officers, estate planners, mental health professionals, pension administrators, and actuaries.  He believes this network will ensure you get the best legal representation and are assisted in all aspects of the divorce process.

For more information, or to sit down with Mr. Wallin to find out your legal rights, please contact us today for a free consultation. Also, please note that by visiting this website or by contacting us, an attorney-client relationship will not be formed until a signed retainer is in place.

As a lawyer, Mr. Wallin’s passion is to help you rise up during this difficult stage of your life by providing you with unmatched legal representation and sound guidance.  I am someone who is willing to fight for all your legal rights.